March 25, 2024

There’s something up. Last week, I forgot to do my hair in the morning. This morning, I forgot my car.

We woke up early on Saturday morning. It was a couple hours of sleeping in, but it still nearly killed both of us. Saturday afternoon was spent in bed. I went to the shop in the evening. I wrapped things up, got into the car, put the F1 race commentary on the radio, and headed home.

When I got in, Hannah had already fallen asleep. She usually texts me if I’m out when she’s going to bed, but she didn’t on that night. She didn’t just fall asleep, either. She went to bed with her sleepbuds in.

I watched the race. When it was over, I couldn’t fall asleep for the cold that had permeated into my bones from being at the shop, so I made some instant ramen, which warmed me up enough to fall asleep.

Sunday was fine. I slept late.

I woke up this morning with a plugged up left ear. It’s been happening intermittently for the last few weeks but it felt worse today. All sounds coming from my left side are muffled, as if everything on the left side of me is farther away than whatever is on the right, even if I were to turn around on the spot. It intensified the construction sounds coming through the walls of the library.

We went to a couple of walk-in clinics after school, but they were all full. I called to make an appointment with my GP.

As we were getting ready to leave the apartment this morning, I realised that I had, yet again, forgotten to do my hair. I styled it up real quick and then we left. As we were getting off the elevator on level C of garage, Hannah remembered that she had forgotten her smoothie. I told her I’d go warm up the car. She went back upstairs and I went out into the garage.

The car wasn’t in our spot. Nearly one and third metric tonnes of steel went missing.

I called Hannah. She didn’t answer. I sent her a text: “The car isn’t here.” No signal.

Out of ideas, I thought to check level B of the garage. There, in our spot, only one level higher, was the car. I texted Hannah: “I parked on the wrong level.” No signal.

I got in quickly, hoping nobody would catch me out, and drove down one level to pick Hannah up. I met her at the level C entrance of the garage.

It’s not like me to forget, especially things that are engrained in my daily routine. It seems that lately, though, I’m unable to remember. Words have disappeared from my vocabulary, leaving shadows behind. Ideas are cloudy and ill-defined, like the sounds coming through my left ear. What happened yesterday is as clear to me as what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I’m worried because, by chance of a miracle, I remember that I used to not forget.


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