March 20, 2024

I got marked older on Monday when I picked up my new glasses. Both pairs.

During the March Break, I had lunch with some colleagues, because teachers are insular with their friendships, and one of them was saying how her optometrist prescribed progressive lenses for her. We laughed at how old she had gotten. All one or two years ahead of me.

The next day, I went to see an optometrist. She wrote me a prescription for two pairs of glasses: one for everyday and distance and the other for reading. I could’ve opted for bifocals or progressives, but instead I chose to get two pairs. This way I can avoid craning my neck and have something else to carry around with me.

Hannah met me at the opticians next to the optometrist after my appointment to help me pick out frames. Her and the sales associate had very similar taste. As the sales associate pulled frames off the shelves, Hannah and I started making three rows: one for “yes,” another for “maybe,” and the third for “no.” After a couple of rounds, we narrowed it down to two frames.

Why they make you choose frames when you can’t see properly is beyond me. In the past, I had to trust whoever was at the store helping me. Thankfully, I had a loved one on my side this time around. It paid off. When I saw myself in the mirror with my new glasses on, I was quite impressed. I think both pairs look real sharp.

I’ve been trying to use my reading glasses. It’ll take some getting used to when it comes to switching them on and off. In fact, I could use them right now as I write this but I’m near the end and I don’t know where I left my backpack. It’s probably just behind me. I’m not sure if they’re giving me a headache or not, as well.


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