March 9, 2024

Today was a slow day, as it was intended to be. Tonight, we switch over to daylight savings time, meaning we’ll lose an hour from tomorrow. I don’t know what I might’ve done with that hour. In the fall, I’ll find out.

Hannah keeps saying that you aren’t relaxing if you’re feeling guilty while doing it. That sounds about right. I have the 3D printer and laser engraver going right now. I’m not sure if I want to go hard on getting things done during this break or satisfy myself with doing next to nothing. I started on a list of things to do when I woke up this afternoon.

One thing I should’ve known, and keep being reminded of, is that things aren’t likely to go right the first time around. The Valentine’s Day puzzles seemed to go off well so I thought it’d be good to make something for Easter. I’ve been working on that idea for at least a couple of weeks. Designing the puzzles pieces proved to be an onerous task, until I had an idea in the shower today. With that idea, what I’d been messing around with for a couple weeks became about an hour’s worth of work.

Printing the puzzle takes over two hours. The first attempt failed because the board shifted during the print. All of the testing, all of the planning, and all of the hoping just weren’t enough. So, I’m running it again in the hopes that it’ll go well. We’ll see in about an hour.

The puzzle isn’t the only thing I’m hoping to do. I want to get to the shop and make a few things. I was wanting to go today but it didn’t pan out. Tomorrow might be better, despite the loss of an hour.


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