February 18, 2024

I haven’t been getting to the shop as much lately. The cold, even though this has been a rather mild winter, keeps me away, so too does the fatigue. I’ve just been tired lately. It hit me good when I got home this evening. I was completely spaced out.

I’d been meaning to get the shop all weekend and finally got there today. Thankfully, tomorrow is a holiday, so I’ll be able to go back. At 8:30 pm, without cleaning up, only checking that things, especially the heater, were unplugged, I left. When I get there tomorrow, the first thing I’ll need to do is clean.

My plan was to prepare some pen blanks for an order. I need to make a dozen pens in the next two weeks. Doable, but only if I focus on my work. My thinking was that I’d prepare all of the blanks, making it quick and easy to get to turning them. I managed to get through five.

The first thing I did when I got to the shop was make a stool. I’ve been wanting somewhere to sit. It’s fine for what it is. I have plans to make something better. For now, it’ll do.

I couldn’t focus so decided to start working on a box with some scraps that were laying around. I have a bunch of plywood offcuts from when I was trying to do some kerf bending. It’s amazing how difficult it is to cut a piece of wood straight. I hope the practice is making me better. The box I ended up making is all right. Each one is a step in the right direction. There’s something missing but I’m not quite sure what it is – I’m not getting something right.


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