August 12, 2023

Chai – tea – is a staple in my parents’ household. I remember my mom drinking tea out of a bowl because she was running late. If she’d left it in the mug, it’d be too hot. Every morning, the first thing my dad does is turn on the kettle. At every social event, there’s tea. Coffee isn’t so much a thing.

My mom is also an incredible cook. Of course she’s the best because she’s my mother. She makes a delicious pound cake. I’ve got the Bundt mould and have tried her recipe but I can’t get it right. When she visits, she has no issues making it just right.

My dad, since I was a kid, has combined tea and the pound cake my mother makes into a treat we call, “chai-cake.” Essentially, it’s a healthy slice of cake mixed into about a third of a cup of chai and served in a mug. It has the consistency of a digestive cookie that’s been soaking in a cup of tea for almost too long. It’s delicious.

Tonight, my dad made chai-cake for all of us. Hannah didn’t want any until she took a bite out of mine. My dad made me another one before preparing one for himself. My sister was the one who asked for it.





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