July 11, 2023

I thought that this would be the week that I finally started getting on with getting on with things. As happens every year, I have big plans for this summer. Over the last few days, I’ve been ordering stuff online trying to get things in so that I can start working on the things that I want to be getting on with.

I’ve spent a fair bit of money. I’m really hoping that it pays off.

Today, start last night, around 2 a.m. My girlfriend and I are trying to bring our cats together. She has one boy and I have two girls. Incidentally, they were born on the very same day. He’s been hold up in my bedroom since yesterday afternoon. My girls have been kept out of the bedroom. There’s a door separating the bedroom from the rest of the apartment.

Eloise, one of my ladies, scratches at doors until they open. She’s real clever like that, she’s also incredibly persistent. She’s determined to get through that door, even if it means digging her way through. When I’ve been in the bathroom for too long, if I close the laundry room door, or if the bedroom door isn’t open, Eloise will scratch at it until it is. Genevieve, her sister, likes that the coat closet door remain open. I leave the dryer door open for her because she likes to sleep in there. I put padding down for her in the form of clothing, towels, or, most recently, reusable bags.

At 2 a.m. this morning, Eloise decided that she had had enough of the bedroom door being closed. Damn the aluminum foil, she exclaimed, I’m getting in. I taped aluminum foil to the door to dissuade her from scratching at it. She found the door frame and started to work. I woke up and moved to the couch. She and Genevieve settled in for the night. Eloise slept on the couch at my feet and Genevieve on the Poäng.

I couldn’t fall back asleep for a couple of hours. I scrolled through some of the Prime Day deals. I put in an order this afternoon. The two-delivery will arrive in three-to-five days. Eventually, I’ll get what I’m waiting for so that I can get on with things.


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