June 29, 2023

This morning, I was thinking about whether or not there is a thread running through these daily blog posts. I was thinking about using these posts to write a story, maybe even a novella. Working on something longer and more in depth feels like a good idea. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, now.

July seems like a good month to try writing blog posts with a through line. Committing to that seems a bit heavy, though. It might be better to pay more attention to what I write about and see if I can’t bring a few blog posts together. Aim for something more organic. I could put in effort to write something more cohesive.

Most likely, I’m reluctant because of my anxiety around failing at things I want to be good at. Six or seven years ago, I was working on a project I call “Collection of Recollections” but I abandoned it. Every few months, I remember that project and think about completing it. A rewrite would be a very interesting undertaking because I’m a different person with different memories now. Really, I don’t want it to remain unfinished for much longer.

Maybe the best thing to do is just keep writing these daily posts and see if something doesn’t present itself. Perhaps, it’s more important to persist than succeed.


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