May 30, 2023

My lathe broke. The motor burnt out. I didn’t realize how upset I was about it until I found a solution.

It happened on Sunday while I was turning a bowl. I must’ve spent a good four hours at the lathe and it was wonderful. As I was finishing up the sanding, I noticed that the lathe wasn’t keeping speed. Turning it off and on again didn’t work. Part of why I enjoy wood turning so much is that it’s not digital, that it’s a hands on activity.

Yesterday, I phoned Canadian Tire after coming home and testing it. They sent me Mastercraft, who gave me the phone numbers for a couple of places to call to have the lathe serviced. I spent the rest of the evening researching new lathes.

This morning, I called both places to see about getting my lathe fixed. I didn’t get through to one and the other had no idea what I was talking about. At lunch, I continued researching new lathes. I even called a place about getting one. In the afternoon, I tried the first one and they told me to bring it through but didn’t know how much it’ll cost if the warranty doesn’t cover it. I told them that I would when I could.

Google Maps said that it’d take at least an hour to get there after work. In this city, driving those 19 kms for one hour after work is as good for your heart as a block of butter on toast. I phoned my dad to get his suggestion and he told me to ask Mastercraft to send me the necessary parts directly. When I phoned, I didn’t even need to ask. Buddy just asked for my information. It should be here in five to ten business days, a shorter wait than an hour in traffic.

I texted my girlfriend to give her an update. Then I asked if it’s weird that I feel relieved now that I’ve got a workable solution. She wrote back and said it wasn’t because the wood turning is such a big part of my life. Before she said it, I hadn’t realized it. It just didn’t occur to me.

The lathe’s still not fixed and I do have to wait a bit but I’m calmer about the situation. I would love to get myself a new lathe but I need to start selling some pens to help me. (Buy a pen?) If I’m going to get one, though, it’s got to be better and bigger. I’m a good bit wrapped up in this wood turning.


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