May 28, 2023

Shortly after getting out of bed this morning, I put on some coffee and started my morning pages. While writing, I couldn’t stop thinking about making a bowl today. I had purchased a couple of bowl blanks in the fall and was waiting until I took my workbench outside to work on them. So, that’s how I spent my afternoon.

I’ve been trying to be consistent with posting to YouTube so I filmed the process. Making the bowl was the priority so I often forgot about the camera. I’ll download the footage and see what I ended up getting.

Shit! I still need to edit tomorrow’s video.

Making the bowl was pretty slow going. My lathe isn’t very big so it wobbles a bit. It’s not so powerful making speed adjustments a little tricky because it tends to slow down when the chisel hits the wood. My chisels are on the smaller end because I was only thinking about making pens when I got them. Then, I couldn’t seem to get the inside of the bowl quite right. The sanding didn’t go well so I bought a disc sander. It should arrive tomorrow.

I must’ve been outside for a good four hours today, at the lathe the whole time. I think the motor on the lathe overheated because it started giving me some trouble. I replied to two text messages. I didn’t drink or eat anything.

I keep forgetting to eat and drink lately. I get started on something and then my focus remains with it. I know that I’m getting hungry and remind myself to get a sip of water but I just need to finish one more thing before I do. Soon enough, I’m making mistakes and rushing to wrap things up.

When I finally do get to eating, I stuff my face and upset my stomach for a bit. I’ll chug down the coldest and fizziest thing in the fridge. Water just isn’t all that refreshing to me. I should drink more water. Then, I’m tired. I don’t want to do anything else.

I wanted to finish the bowl today, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I was going to rush out and get the sanding discs and a food-safe finish from the Canadian Tire nearby. If I had done that, I wouldn’t have eaten until, at least, an hour earlier. I had to convince myself to stay in and just order off of Amazon.

I don’t know how I can spend so much time doing one thing, distracted by nothing else. I should stop for food more often.


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