I video chat with my sister on Sundays

My sister and I haven’t been in the same city for more than a few months in the last 20-odd years. Yet, we remain incredibly close. We don’t talk on the phone much; we’ve gone weeks without hearing from each other. Text messages keep us in contact but I have a bad habit of reading them and then not responding. We miss each other.

In December, my sister had a brilliant idea: we should record us shooting the shit over Zoom. So, every Sunday, we meet up online and record ourselves shooting the shit. Then, we upload it to YouTube.

Knowing that we are producing something that keeps us accountable. If we were to just say that we’ll meet up on Sundays, we’d be more likely to come up with an excuse not to. But, for our audience, we must perform.

We also like that we’re creating some sort of record of our lives as they are right now. The future will soon be upon us and it’s nice to know that there’s a memory of us somewhere out there in the world.

Finally, we enjoy seeing each other and chatting. After we finish recording a conversation, we usually end up filling an hour talking about other things. The conversation that we record and post is just an amuse-bouche.

As it happens, before we started this endeavour, we’d never had a video chat. It never occurred to us to meet up with our cameras turned on. The phone and text messages had kept us just fine. But, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy our conversations and I’m so glad that we are doing this.

You should try doing something similar with someone you want to get closer to. If nothing else, just reach out and have a chat.

You can watch us shooting the shit by clicking here.


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