3 Weeks into Summer

Well, it’s now July 21st. It’s been three weeks since the summer started and, well, it’s been about that long.

My sleep schedule is all upside-down and turned around. I’ve redecorated some parts of my apartment. I’ve played with LEGO. I’ve cleaned up, but seem to keep unearthing new messes.

My daily to-do lists are pretty repetitive. Every day, it’s the same three things that top the list: Morning Pages, go to the gym, and clean. Some days, I’ll add things like laundry, read, write, and check email. Other days, I’ll write in things like do some research, write a blog post, or leave the house.

Most days, I’m lucky to check off three or four items. I’m capricious, you see. I’ll get an idea in my head and then follow it through until something newer and shinier whizzes past. A week ago it was a yellow shelving unit, a few days ago it was a scrubber brush for my tiled floors. There’s no real consistency or logical progression. It’s all just whimsey.

This is both the joy and torture of summer – I have time. I’m sure that my posts from last summer read pretty similar to this one.

This summer is slightly different from the last few. This summer has been really pleasant. I’m not taking a course like I usually do. I know that I have a job starting September, which is a new feeling. Whatever I’ve managed to accomplish so far has been something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. The summer is going well.

There’s a lot left undone, but whenever I get to do those things will be fine. Somehow, I don’t feel rushed. I’m just enjoying having one day lazily pass into another.

My mom wants me to go on vacation.


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