Letters’ Lounge, Again?

It was about nine years ago when I conceived the idea for Letters’ Lounge, a website where you submit anonymous letters. It’s probably been about seven years since I’ve done anything with it. This morning, I was thinking about it again.

I still really like the idea. When I have time, which I do when I wake up early on a Saturday morning, I sometimes imagine what it would be like to start the site again. I think about why I started the site in the first place and what it would look like now.

Anyway, I spent about four hours this afternoon going over some things for the site. I installed WordPress on the site so that I’d have a starting point and chose a theme. Otherwise, most of the four hours was spent following the direction of different ideas as they came up, but I didn’t implement any. I did manage to start writing down some of my ideas, though.

One huge hurdle that I came up against is content – I don’t have any content for the site. Before thinking about what the site will look like, I should probably think about how people are going to submit, view, and interact with the content. The meandering path through the internet that this idea took me down left me tired.

As soon as I figure out a way for people to submit letters, I’ll be sure to let you know. Then, you’ll be able to submit letters, giving me the opportunity to figure out how you’re going to view and interact with it. Eventually, Letters’ Lounge might be something, even something good.





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