I held a baby for the first time in my life tonight

This is the first time that I've ever held a baby.
This is the first time that I’ve ever held a baby.

Here are the responses that I received:

Sister: Hahahah you look so scared! But it’s super cute. Please say hello to Jordan and Matt for me! And congrats

Me: I’m terrified!

Sister: Hahahaha. You look it!

Me: Great. Good look for me. Loves

Sister: Well you don’t need to worry yet! I hope. Loves

Me: Hell no! Loves

Sister: Loves

Dad: Yam nice you look good big smile Loves dad

Me: Ha ha. Thanks. Loves

Maa: What a cute tall baby. Nice to see you hold a baby. Looks so good. Loves

Me: #fear

Zahra: *five laughing with tears emojis* You’re either going to be the best or the worst dad

Me: Why?

Zahra: Because I said so

Me: That was the first time I ever held a baby.

Zahra: Well good for you, you looked completely natural.

Me: There was terror in my insides. Terror.

Zahra: Yes I could tell

Me: You said I looked completely natural.

Zahra: I was being sarcastic. I punctuated it.


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