I’m probably, actually, literally, getting stupider

I’ve been feeling a brain-drain lately. Seriously. Things that were once idiotic to me are now completely rational. Drake, for instance.

I kind of like Drake’s new album. “Too Good” featuring Rihanna is a favourite new tune of mine. I quite like “Hotline Bling” and “One Dance”, too. I also like PARTYNEXTDOOR’s music quite a bit. I’m starting to feel the Toronto-sound. I mean, the 6’s-sound.

It’s not just the music that I’m enjoying that has me worried about my stupidity. It’s the regularity at which I find myself at a loss for words, as well. I think I used to know more words. I know that it wouldn’t have taken me this long to write 117 words (at the time of this writing) when I was less stupid.

I can’t even look up synonyms in the thesaurus anymore because I’m not sure which word I was looking for in the dictionary. I ask Siri how to spell most words that I don’t know how to spell and then feel like an idiot when she reads out the spelling of the word that she speech-to-text’d when I asked the question. Sometimes even Siri doesn’t understand what I’m asking for, making me feel even more stupider.

I hate feeling stupid because it makes me feel stupid. I am literally losing my mind.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve lost two pens in the last month. I have no idea where they might have gone, I just know that I don’t have them anymore.






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