The Eyebrow(s) Love Story

My mother burned my face with hot wax the night before my high school graduation photos were to be taken. It was meant to be a controlled burn, to eradicate the downy hairs on the bridge of my nose, but my sensitive skin was, well, too sensitive.

The photographers layered on makeup over the fresh scar, attempting to extinguish the volcanic crater on the bridge of my nose. My life has never been the same, with fresh growth continuing to rise from out of that one-time fire.

Keeping my eyebrows separate is a problem that I’ve been dealing with for most of my adult life. In many ways, it’s the perfect love story; no matter how hard I try to keep them apart, they always grow together. They are two separate entities, walking parallel paths, who, after having found each other, continue to fight all foes to stay together. Retaining their independence, even when they do bridge the gap that is my nose, you can tell one from the other.

Last year, I inadvertently had my eyebrows waxed. Since then, I’ve been trying to maintain them by using tweezers from a Swiss Army knife, which, as it happens, I received as a birthday gift from my prescient then-girlfriend around the same time as my graduation photos were taken. Life has a funny way of coming together.

Most recently, having grown tired of the sneezing and watering eyes, I used Nair. While the results weren’t ideal – I now have a strange stubble – it was easier and involved less plucking.

I used Nair to help me get rid of my emerging unibrow.
I used Nair to help me get rid of my emerging unibrow.

If you’re wondering why there’s also Nair on the end of my nose, it’s because hair grows out of there too. It grows on the inside of my nose, as well. Hair also grows on my upper lip, cheeks, chin, jawline, and the top part of my neck. My ears are now furrier, too. Luckily, I’ve not yet noticed a receding hairline.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I hope that all of you are able to take a lesson from my eyebrow(s) and fight to be with the one(s) you love most. If, like me, you’re feeling a little alone at this time of year, maybe all you need to do is look to your left or right for the person who has been walking beside you all along. When you see him or her, reach out a hand to be held, letting love be the wax that binds. And, remember, sometimes it takes a fire to grow a forest.


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  1. shemineg Avatar

    You should try wax strips – it may reduce the amount of stubble and the pain will reduce the more you do it! Loves

    1. bernardwalter Avatar

      Hmm…but, will they burn me? Loves

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