I ain’t touching your baby

I just got back from London, Ontario, where I was visiting my cousin, his family, and six-week-old baby boy. Just before I was about to leave, my cousin sat down next to me with his sleeping child pressed against his chest. I shifted toward to the nearest armrest.

When his wife asked him what he was doing, he said that he wanted me to hold his child. I vehemently refused. I stared straight at the floor, waved my hands in the air, and kept repeating, “No,” until my aunt, my cousin’s mother, told the new parents that I was scared.

My cousin then asked me why I didn’t want to hold his baby. I stuttered while saying, “Yes, yes, well, yeah, I’m, I’m scared.”

During the two and a half hour drive home, I reflected on my stance on marriage and having children.

Last night, this video was shared with me:

I’ve got issues to sort out, but on thing is for sure: I ain’t touching your baby.


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