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  • But, I Can Wear a Mankini

    The recent news of a woman who was asked to remove clothing, vaguely resembling a burkini, while sunbathing on a beach in Nice, France, has me in a bit of an uproar. That she was asked by four – FOUR – police officers, two of whom were wearing as much clothing as she was, and was threatened…

  • May 22, 2016

    Dear Timothy, Please let me apologise for the delay in my response. When you’ve been given time, eternal amounts of it, it passes quickly and is spent on nothing. Any amount of work, no matter how pleasurable, seems not a waste but neither is it urgent.

  • The Eyebrow(s) Love Story

    My mother burned my face with hot wax the night before my high school graduation photos were to be taken. It was meant to be a controlled burn, to eradicate the downy hairs on the bridge of my nose, but my sensitive skin was, well, too sensitive.

  • A Healthy Social Life Alone?

    A Healthy Social Life Alone?

    It hit me last night when I caught myself looking at pictures of ex-girlfriends. As if remembering the tragedy of failed relationships will somehow bring my current outlook on life into sharper focus, I turn to the photos of smiling women who I once thought of spending my future with. Maybe it’s the memory of…

  • Sometimes I Get Dating Advice from Married Men

    Every now and then I get dating advice from married men. They get curious about what dating is like these days, or they just want to show some interest in my life. I think.

  • I’m Not Ready to Date

    About three weeks ago, I went on a fourth! – that I got that far should be cause for celebration – date with a woman who I quite liked. She is nice, smart, and caring. If I were to date someone, she’s a really good candidate. Except, at some point during dinner she asked if…

  • In Conversation With Myself

    Last week I wrote a quick post on doing weird things and needing to be taught how to recognize and correct these errors. While putting away some papers that have been sitting on my desk for a while, I found this transcribed conversation that I had with myself about a month ago. This is probably…

  • 7 Seasons to Rewatch

    Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m slightly more than thrilled about this. All that I’ve ever known about love has come from my infatuation with Rory Gilmore. Dean, Jess, and Logan were merely stand-ins, as far as I’m concerned. It’s surprising that I’ve never written any fan fiction…

  • The Non-Continuation Agreement

    The Non-Continuation Agreement

    If you’ve ever dated, you’ll be familiar with the agreement that I’m about to elucidate on and, to some extend, describe.

  • Pistanthrophobia

    There are many great reasons to love language. One is when you discover a word or phrase that captures the sentiment you are currently feeling.   (I can’t find this word in any reliable online dictionary.)

  • The Fearful Encounter of Al and Cinderella

    The tale that I am about to tell is one of fear. This fear is not of the type that one experiences while riding a ferris wheel, but of the sort that renders decisions impracticable. Of course, anyone who has been faced with the decision of whether or not to ride a ferris wheel again…

  • I’ve Got a Date Tomorrow at Noon

    I’ve Got a Date Tomorrow at Noon

    It’s now 2:20 am, and I’ve been awake thinking about the date that I have tomorrow at noon. I’ve been passing the time by chatting with friends over pints of beer, and reading a book by my high school sweetheart, who is now married, with child, and happier than I could ever have made her. I’m…