Tag: Relationship With a Cat

  • Just Wanting to Write Something

    Just Wanting to Write Something

    I’ve been mulling over ideas for something to write about, but tonight I just kind of want to write. I don’t have any particularly gripping topic arresting my attention. So here is a smattering of stuff about my day.

  • It Would Seem as Though I’ve Been Doing Nothing With My Time

    I’ve been living in Toronto, again, for about three weeks now. On paper, you would think that I’ve been doing nothing with my time, but the truth is much different. I’ve been waiting.

  • My Cat Snores, While I Search for Sleep

    Riel has been in my life for just over four years, and we’ve developed a bond. Before I had Riel, I didn’t understand what it meant to have a pet that you really care for. I thought that pets were simply subjects in a one-sided relationship. Last night, while trying to fall asleep in the…

  • In Class Assignment

    In teachers college, we sometimes pretend to be the students we will teach one day. Today, we pretended to be grade one students writing Valentine’s Day cards. I was the only one who wrote to his/her pet, when asked to write to a loved one. Riel can’t read yet, so we’re still working on high-frequency…

  • Enjoying the Silence

    It’s ten after seven in the evening, and I’m exhausted. I just drove thirty minutes each way to get a coffee from Starbucks, because my coffee maker has had enough for the week, and I’m still tired. I mean, I’ve been up since noon, so, really, it’s not so bad to feel tired by now.