Just Thinking About Thinking About Things

It wasn’t too long ago, maybe a couple of months, that the only way I could get an update on what’s been going on in my sister’s life was by sending her a text or giving her a call. Now, I get updates from her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her blog. It only dawned on me that she’s only now on social media when I read a post she wrote about autoethnography. Continue reading “Just Thinking About Thinking About Things”

Health 2 Healthy

I’ve got two minutes to get this post out, because I’m in a rush to do too many things. Instead of getting right to the point, I thought I should take the time to mention the above.

My sister, lovely woman that she is, has started a new blog. She does this about once a year. This time, however, she’s committed to three years of blogging!

Her blog is about the life of a counsellor. I think that this is a really important exercise for her. Please let me encourage you to check it out and follow her, as she documents things. Admittedly, I have yet to peruse her newest online endeavour.

She’s smarter than me, so you’ll likely find more valuable information and insights on her blog than on mine.

The blog is called From Health to Healthy: The Life of a Counsellor.


Please Subscribe to SonicRetreat

My buddy who runs the blog SonicRetreat has been talking about discontinuing it; his URL is coming up for renewal or something silly like that. He keeps up on a lot of music, and his posts are very current. The exposure to new music and artists is a good thing for you, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Anyway, in an effort to encourage him to continue blogging about the music that he loves, and to discourage him from talking about pharmaceuticals when we’re drinking together, I’m asking you to show your support (for me, more than him) by visiting his blog.

Here’s how I know how you can keep up on his blog:

Visit his site: SonicRetreat (you can follow his blog via a link on the righthand side of the page)

Follow him on SoundCloud

I like a lot of what he puts up, and you probably will too.

Please leave your thoughts on his choice of music in the comments below. He’ll be happy to read them on my blog, instead of his.

Thank you for the support! Enjoy!