A good friend of mine recently sent me a photo of his daughter wandering along a beach in Portugal. He captioned the photo with: “There is something inspiring about the meandering footprints of a child contrasted with [the] linear path of adults.” When did we stop wandering?

Rabbit hole

For the last few days, I have been going down a rabbit hole, trying to figure out why this statement rings so true for me. It’s new-agey, almost cheesy, and it’s a misremembering of a quotation from a movie about yoga that I was watching while lying, paralyzed in bed by back pain. Help?

Still Waters

I've been going through some old boxes, looking for my old journals. I came across this little ditty from 1998: The peace and serenity of still waters Calms my mind and sets me free I have no more pain and am released of sorrow My heart can cry and my soul can run free The… Continue reading Still Waters

I’ve Always Wanted to be White

My real aim with this post – even though it feels incomplete, and the title seems unnecessarily dramatic – is to personalize a global issue. I’m going to address an issue, however rudimentarily, that I’ve been planning, and have started, an entire book on: exposing my identity. With this post, I want to become part… Continue reading I’ve Always Wanted to be White