Quiet the actions, uphold the ideas and values

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Doing something worth writing about has been particularly challenging for me, especially as of late. Perhaps, it isn’t so much about the “doing” itself as it is about understanding the value in what I’m doing. As we go about our days, things happen. We are all doing something and are having an impact on the… Continue reading Quiet the actions, uphold the ideas and values

Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting | Episode 3: Keeping Track of Your Ideas

Anecdote In a 2013 study, researchers Kathleen Vohs, Joseph Redden, and Ryan Rahinel found the that a disorderly space can have a positive impact on behaviour. They found that people are more likely to be creative when in a disorderly space than when in an orderly one. They did this through three experiments.

Making Time

Productive people fascinate me. You know, people who are prolific. The people who get a lot of things done amaze me. I admire their ability to set to a task and complete it, while also juggling new ideas and other commitments.