Tag: Education

  • April 19, 2024

    I completed my final commitment to the Digital Lead Learner program today. All I had to do was stand at a booth for about an hour and talk about Minecraft. It took some doing to get there but it’s done now.

  • April 4, 2024

    I realised something this morning that put me on my back foot a little. At once, there was relief in the acknowledgement and an unsettling in the realisation.

  • January 18, 2024

    If you could un-invent something, what would it be? I’d probably go with private schools. Imagine what we could accomplish if that same investment went into the public school system. Privatizing education only perpetuates inequities in our society. I strongly believe that we would be better off if everyone had access to a high-quality education.…

  • September 12, 2023

    Just outside the school, there are two bus stops. It’s really annoying to have to stop at the south end of the school yard and then again at the north end when following a city bus that’s dropping off students. The staff parking lot is a right turn after the bus stop to the north.…