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  • Flying YYZ to YYC | short video

    Flying YYZ to YYC | short video

  • Day 7 – Sourdough Starter

    Day 7 – Sourdough Starter

    I tried a float test today to see if my sourdough starter is ready. It isn’t. I fed it today and will leave it for a day or two. These daily updates will stop but I will definitely make a video if and when I can make a loaf of sourdough. I’ll make videos about…

  • Day 6 – Sourdough Starter

    Day 6 – Sourdough Starter

    That film of liquid is back. It’s called, “hooch,” and it’s not harmful. It’s a sign that the starter is hungry. Today, I fed it with 100 g of flour and 75 g of water, same as yesterday. The time lapse I tried to make over the last day didn’t work because I didn’t leave…

  • Day 5 – Sourdough Starter

    Day 5 – Sourdough Starter

    I’m not sure if it’s going well. There was water pooling on top of the mixture today. I stirred it in and then added 100 g of flour and only 75 g of water, as suggested in the comments of yesterday’s video. I’ll let it sit for another day and see how it goes.

  • Day 4 – Sourdough Starter

    Day 4 – Sourdough Starter

    The smell of the sourdough starter has me confused and a bit worried. Yesterday, it was smelling unpleasantly sweet. Today, it smells dusty. I’m also surprised that the starter has a liquid like consistency because it’s been goopy until today. Finally, I removed a good chunk of the starter because the jar is getting full.…

  • Day 3 – Sourdough Starter

    Day 3 – Sourdough Starter

    There isn’t much of an update for today. But, it’s working! The sourdough starter is fermenting and bubbling up nicely.

  • Day 1 – Sourdough Starter

    Day 1 – Sourdough Starter

    Who hasn’t wanted to make sourdough in the last two years? I thought I’d give it a go. After watching a number of videos and reading a few articles, I decided to just go ahead and see if I can’t get something to work. I’m going to try to track my progress over the next…

  • I bought a Blackwing pencil today

    I bought a Blackwing pencil today