The Contents of My Sink

Here is what is currently in my sink: ten coffee mugs three short (highball) glasses, two used for coffee and one for juice one tall glass, used for coffee three bowls two spoons the cat’s wet food bowl Yep, I haven’t done the dishes for a few days.

The Death of A Matriarch

It isn’t customary to eulogize the dead in the community in which I was raised, and obituaries are never written. But, on the occasion of my grandmothers death, I will attempt to write a, albeit self-reflective, eulogy to memorialize her. She deserves that much, doesn’t she?

Tomorrow Is the First Day of School

I start teachers college tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for tomorrow for about six months now, and it’s finally come. I wasn’t feeling at all nervous, until about 15 minutes ago. It’s after 11pm right now, and my first class starts at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will hopefully mark the beginning of more than just teachers college.

Math That’ll Mess With Your Head

I just went into the school’s office to register for a brush-up session for Primary/Junior (K-6) math. You see, as part of my program, I have to sit an exam that’ll test my competency in math. I believe this is Ontario’s way of ensuring that teachers actually know math, before they teach it.

Welcome to Mariposa

Last week was a bit busy, but I’m now stationed in Mariposa. I still have to make my way down to Toronto every so often, but that’s not much of a bother. Here is what happened last week.