July 2, 2024

At 6:17 this morning, Eloise started scratching at my butt through the duvet to let me know that she was hungry. I told her to go away and wait until 7. She hopped over my leg and snuggled into Hannah. Eloise soon learned that she wasn’t going to get fed.

At around 7:15, Ouli walked into the bedroom and stopped at the foot of the bed, on my side of the bed. He threw up twice. Hannah was half-awake so I told her. She got up and walked over to him. I asked if she was going to take care of it, she said she would, so I went back to sleep.

She fed the cats while she was up.

Some time between 7:15 and 11:15, Hannah walked into the bedroom to announce that she had spilled her coffee. Through my sleep, I told her to just soak it up with some paper towels. She was in a huff and dismissed my idea outright. I told her that it wasn’t a big deal, that she could just soak it up. She closed the door behind her as she left. Eloise doesn’t like closed doors so it was clear to me that Hannah was upset.

Around 11:15, the PA system came on to announce that the water had to be shut off. The announcement said that all of the units between 906 and 306 wouldn’t have water for about three hours. I figured that meant the units ending in 06 were all on the same riser so we’d be fine. Hannah took a shower and went to the dentist. I woke up around 11:45 to find that the water had, indeed, been shut off for all units between 906 and 306.

When I walked out of the bedroom into the living room, I noticed that all of the covers had been stripped off the couch cushions. The foam of one of the cushions was dripping coffee into a takeaway container on the balcony, another was naked on the floor.

I made some coffee with the drips that were left in the faucet.

My day was ruined.

I wanted to wake up early, go to the gym, get to the shop, cut some blanks to size, glue some things up, come home early, sit down to do some writing, and then get to bed at a decent hour. I couldn’t leave the house because I couldn’t shower.

Stuck at home as I was, I decided to laser engrave some pieces for the project I’m working on. I was running some tests to see what settings would cut through about half-an-inch of Walnut. All of my tests kept failing. I decided I’d take a chance and slow things right down. While that was running, I set up the hammock on the balcony and picked up my book. Soon, I smelt what smelt like fire. Sure enough, the laser engraver had set fire to the wood.

Luckily, there was a trickle of water left in the Brita, which I used to extinguish the fire.

An email came through to let us know that the water would be off for another three hours.

Hannah came home a few hours later and shared the news that her sister’s cat has to be put down.

What a day today has been.





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