April 11, 2024

Hannah wanted to clean the litter boxes. Not just take out the waste but empty the boxes entirely and wash them. We’ve had a new box of litter in the trunk of the car since our last trip to Costco a few weeks ago. She needed it to refill the litter boxes.

When we got home today, a little later than usual, we started walking toward the elevator when I remembered that we needed to bring up the litter. So, we turned around and went to go get it. As we reached the car, some lady came flying by, headed straight to her parking spot. We’ve seen her before.

I gave my lunch bag to Hannah to carry so that I could carry the 22 kg (55 lbs) box of litter upstairs. I hoisted it out of the trunk and we started back toward the elevators. The speed daemon in the Mazda made her way to the corridor leading to the elevators right ahead of us. Makes sense given how fast she moves.

We were maybe five steps behind her. Because it’s a motorized door, it closes slowly. I drive a Honda but it’s got a little pep. Right below the fob pad is the touchless switch to open the door. She used the handle. What didn’t make sense was when she pulled the entranced door closed behind her as we were making our way up.

We met in the elevator lobby.

She got in first when the elevator arrived. Again, she moves quick, this one. We got in behind her. I put the box of litter down in front of the elevator door, about halfway across its width. She had to get out before us.

I didn’t budge as she walked out. As she turned the corner, she called me a “fucking asshole.” Fair. I was being a right dick. I called back, “You’re a bitch!”

It wasn’t the most clever comeback, but I’ve been out of it lately. I used to be more biting, more cutthroat but that’s grown out of me with my grey hairs. There was a time when I had a quick tongue. Nowadays, I catch it while I’m chewing. I avoid gum.

This was the second time she’s done this to us. The first time we were fully loaded coming back from Costco. Whatever she’s carrying with her must be heavier.

Still. Bitch. Right?





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