January 9, 2024

What is your mission?

The prompts for this year’s Bloganuary are starting off pretty heavy. Some of these have been big questions, like today’s.

I don’t know what my mission is. I’m not here to spread the Truth or change people’s lives in any way. Not intentionally, at least.

Wouldn’t your mission be revealed in that tunnel with the light at the end of it? It’s impossible to say that what you’re doing or what you intend to do is your purpose or legacy. Only at the end, surely, can you look back and see what you’ve done. Of course, you taste the stew while it’s in the pot, seasoning as you go along, but you only really know what it tastes like after you’ve spooned out a helping.

That said, I do often wish that I had a clearer idea of what my “purpose” or “mission” in life is. I’d like to work toward something with intention and fervour. More than that, I’d like to believe in what I’m doing, whatever it is, wholeheartedly, without capitulation. That confidence in one’s actions, that belief in one’s abilities, and that reassurance in oneself must be comforting.

Yet, quilts are sewn together one patch at a time, they’re reach growing with each. A single square hardly a blanket makes. Only once together do they serve their true purpose.


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