June 8, 2023

I had a sore throat when I woke up this morning. You know how sometimes you can feel yourself getting a little sick, even when you’re ignoring it? I didn’t have that this time. It was completely sudden.

Last Saturday, I cut my thumb while trying to make a knife wall on a piece of wood for the chest I’ve been working on. That happened quite suddenly, too. Of course, I should’ve been more careful. I was impatient.

Last summer, right before heading out on a road trip with my dad, my right elbow started hurting. I think it’s tennis elbow. Stopping my bad habit of hyperextending my arms until my elbow cracks seems to have helped with that. Lately, however, my right shoulder has been giving me some trouble.

My hips and lower back act up all the time, too. The muscles won’t relax enough to let the joints move freely, it seems. My movement feels constrained.

The story is the same with my neck.

Then, too, there’s the hemorrhoids. Some days things are good and some days things are not so good. The discomfort on the bad days is awkward and uneasy. I can’t even see the problem, only feel it…through the toilet paper.

Let’s not forget about my left knee, the one I had surgery on a few years ago. For the most part, it’s great. I’ve even done a light jog on it. Out of nowhere, the pain comes back as if to remind me of how lucky I am to have a properly functioning knee most of the time. I can feel myself limping again. It helps to put some hip hop on those days.

I feel like my body is starting to fail. It’s definitely showing signs of wear. The parts keep moving the whole but the gears need a little grease. The solution to this problem seems simple enough – exercise.

Why don’t I, though? Why don’t I make it a priority to stretch and strengthen my body so that it starts to feel better, stops hurting, and is better prepared to battle oncoming ailments?

I don’t think it’s just physical. My guess is that there’s a psychological factor at play – stress. The strengthening exercises, yoga, and meditation will all help but I think that they will only help manage the situation not improve it. Of course, until I try, I won’t know.

It’s time that I woke up and stopped ignoring the signs I can see. Definitely maybe.


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