I knit a pair of sock

I have been repeating the words, “knit,” and, “purl,” for several days now. They have become the chant I sing in the evenings. “Knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl….”

The chant helps me keep a rhythm and keep in step with the stitches being knit together to make a tube sock. Each row begins with either a knit or a purl, alternating between the rows. Each stitch in each row alternates between a knit and a purl. Each row beginning and ending with the same, a knit or a purl. 27 stitches in each row. 60 rows of stitches.

I think one of the socks has 61 or 62 rows of stitches. It’s slightly longer than the other.

The repetition leads to a meditation. The simplicity allows for a return of focus. Sometimes, you’re rewarded with ideas.


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