Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting | Episode 5: What’s the Point of My Podcast?

I didn’t make much headway with the podcast this week. I got so far as figuring out what the podcast is about, what you’ll hear on it, and who might want to listen to it. I also only read one chapter of the book I bought, and have yet to answer the question that it left me with.

PRX and Google Podcasts have put together Podcasting 101, a ten-part series on how to start a podcast. I signed up for the weekly emails to help keep me in check. When I got the second email on Friday, I remembered that I hadn’t finished the assignment from the first email. I ended up doing the assignment from the first email. Here’s what I got:

My podcast is about what it’s like to be a fledgling writer. And on it you’ll hear stories about the things that I’ve done and the little success I’ve met with. And you should listen if you are someone who enjoys writing and consider yourself a writer but have let life get in the way of you writing.

The question that I have yet to answer from Teague’s book is, “Why are you starting your podcast? Seriously, what’s the point of it?”

I think that I’ve gotten pretty close to an answer to Teague’s question with my answer to the Podcasting 101 question. I also wrote out a description when I took the course on Lynda. It reads:

I’ve been an unsuccessful writer for over fifteen years. Since I was a child, I have kept a diary. I have tried to put my talent to work through blogging, unshared short stories, videos, and, now, podcasting.

With this podcast, I want to continue practicing my talents as a writer by sharing stories about my experiences as a forever fledgling writer. Through the infusion of humour, I hope to lighten up what can often be a very defeating pursuit. Just because your talent and skill aren’t acknowledged, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

The internet is a noisy place and it can be hard to speak loudly enough. That doesn’t mean you should stop talking. Rather, you should get closer to the people who are looking for a quiet conversation. This podcast is my way of asking you to join the conversation.

The world is big enough for all of us to have our own corner in it. The secret to sharing your voice is to find the right whispering gallery.

Something in me tingled when I wrote out the last sentence of that description. The idea of a whispering gallery was just so perfect. I quickly added, “Whispering gallery,” to my list of potential titles.

The other titles I came up with are:

  • The Wrong Way to Write
  • What’s the Right Way to Write?
  • Whispering Gallery: Finding/Showcasing Your Voice Through Your Words

Not a long list.

I didn’t make short videos throughout the week like I was hoping to. I didn’t make any notes for this episode. I really didn’t put in the necessary work this week.

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You can find the podcast here and the vlog here.


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