Typewriting About Myself

I have been using my typewriter to type out my recollections and thoughts on topics and themes that animate my life. I’ll sit down at my typewriter, usually on a Friday night, pick a topic, and just start writing. It’s very stream of consciousness stuff, even more so than these blog posts.


During his inauguration speech on Friday, Donald Trump made two direct references to women. First, he referred to the forgotten men and women. Second, he referred to impoverished inner city single mothers and their children. Outside of this, his language was fairly gender-neutral.

Reading Camus is Making Me Think

I’m now about one-third of the way through Albert Camus’┬áThe Myth of Sisyphus. I could’ve probably read half of the Harry Potter series in the time that it has taken me to get through just nearly 50 pages of Camus. I don’t know, though, because, without compunction, I’ve never read or seen any Harry Potter.