Not bored and, yet, not productive

Another week of summer has passed. I really don’t do well without structure.

This week, I had to wake up in the morning twice. Once because I went to the dentist and another time because I had a job for the morning. Both ended in the early afternoon, leaving the entire afternoon open for long naps. Sleep.

When I woke up this evening, I decided that I’d make sous vide steak. I’ve been eating more steak lately, putting my cast iron griddle pan to good use. I overcooked it, but it was still very good. I don’t have a picture of the steak because I ate it. It looked like a nicely marbled piece of meat that had been cooked, complete with grill marks.

Every night, I make a list of things I want to accomplish for the next day. I have anywhere from six to eleven items on the list. Before writing up the next day’s list, I check off what I accomplished that day. I then write the unchecked items on the next day’s list. On any given day, I have between zero and four checkmarks.

I make the list on my iPad. I’ve been getting really good use out of my iPad. I watch Netflix, play Need for Speed: No Limits when my fuel refills, look – never buy – at the daily deals on Amazon, read blogs, check my declining bank balance, listen to music through my Apple TV, read the weather warnings, look up random shit on the internet, look at potential workouts on my Men’s Health Personal Trainer app, flip through articles on Flipboard, and read The Brothers Karamazov. I haven’t checked my email in about a month, so that’s on my list for tomorrow. Now.

My iPhone is coming up for renewal in November and I’m wondering if I should spend my money on a nicer iPhone or the save for the iPad Pro. Both are pretty but which is the better investment? Probably neither.

I did a core muscle workout yesterday. I’m a bit sore today.

I got a teeth whitening treatment done when I was at the dentist. They now look more yellow than they did before. It was complimentary because it was my first visit. It feels like a marketing ploy. I have mild gingivitis that can be corrected with regular, proper brushing and flossing.

I had to empty my kitchen and bathroom cupboards on Thursday so that they pest control folks could come in and set out poisons for the cockroaches. I haven’t put anything back yet. The notice said that I should expect to see more cockroaches over the next few weeks, claiming that it must get worse before it can get better. I’m also not allowed to use my own pest control methods, as this might interfere with the process. It was a good opportunity to clean behind the stove and fridge.

The lightbulb in my fridge went out about a month ago. I have to go to the rental office to fill in a work order to get it replaced. I’ve just been turning on the kitchen light to help me see into the fridge when it’s dark. Like a chump.

I buy four litres of milk at a time. It comes in three bags. Which bag has the most milk in it? I accidently bought more milk when I went grocery shopping on Wednesday, so I now have six bags of milk in my fridge.

On Monday, I went to a visitation for a custodian I used to work with. He died of cancer at the age of 45, leaving a young wife and newborn behind. He was a fun-loving guy.

I went for dinner with a teacher-friend of mine. We got to talking about Tinder and Bumble. Why are there better looking people on Bumble? How come we never match with them? When we do match, how come it expires before they have the chance to write to me? Why don’t I get responses to the messages I send?

Honestly, I’m not really looking to date. It’s just a game to play. Why don’t they have apps for the iPad?

Why does there seem to be an abundance of women in open relationships and bisexual women? Can’t they leave some relationships for the rest of us, razor-edged, tightly sealed relationship types?

After 15 years, my Victorinox Swiss Card broke. All the important bits still work, so it’s not a loss. It’s just different now. A Swiss exchange student gave me a pocket knife he brought from Switzerland. I like it, but it’s not the same.

I got this for my 18th birthday.
I got this for my 18th birthday.

I just realised that I’m 23 days into summer and I’ve got ten days left before I head out west for a bit to visit my family. I’ve got some catch-up to play.

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