Quick Conversation With My Sister

Excerpt from a conversation with my sister:

didn’t sleep well last night and just woke up. The driver will be here in a few minutes. Hope you sleep well

Yeah, she’s got a driver for those rough mornings when she hasn’t slept well. She’s also got a driver for those mornings when the sun is shining, and all the clouds are rainbows. “Tough drive in this morning, little sis?” “I really wish the driver would get his air con looked at. It was so hot in the car. I’m sweating a little.”






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  1. shemineg Avatar

    Hey now, I have not used the driver since December. I have walked every morning and evening to and from work (minus those days I went to a friends house and their driver picked me up). However, now that I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro I see no reason plus it is rainy season and the sewage is overflowing into the street.

    Having a driver is not just a luxury but has become a requirement. 🙂


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