I Still Miss You, Even After All That Was Nothing

It’s undeniable that some time has passed between us. What little we did talk during then has held us together like the imperceptible knots tying strings of thread, being joined to continue knitting a blanket. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for those knots, but they make little difference to what has brought us together again.

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Day 8 of 30

On Wednesday, the student I tutor and I went to the AGO. It’s free to go on Wednesday evenings between 6 and 9 pm. I wanted to try something different with him because he really doesn’t like doing his school work. I’m glad we went because he was excited by the spiralling staircase, that we had to climb to the top of, and by the model ships, which I’ve never taken much interest in. The art on the walls didn’t really speak to him, but he took an interest in the sculptures. Continue reading “Day 8 of 30”

It Was a Terrible Second Date

The worst part is that you have hope this time.

I like hope. I like hope in the way that Red, from The Shawshank Redemption, doesn’t. I think that if you aren’t willing to try for nothin’, nothin’ ain’t ever goin’ happen.

But, take this from a man who always has a well-stocked refrigerator before he makes plans for an evening out with a woman.

The rest of what I’m about to write, I envision as being read in a deep highland Scottish accent. I’d make a recording of me reading it, but I might be too mooch under the ways of alcohol.

There ain’t never gonna be a wooman that’s is right for yoo. Of’en all there is in dis life is the approximation of wha’ ya want tid.

Yoo may feel dejected naw, but it’s temporary. There aar, a woman who will be right fer yoo. Jus’ wai’.

Sure, she were pretty, but surely weren’t pretty enough fer yoo. Sometime’, this is how life’ it go. Sometime’, it jus’ ain’t gonna happen.