I Still Miss You, Even After All That Was Nothing

It’s undeniable that some time has passed between us. What little we did talk during then has held us together like the imperceptible knots tying strings of thread, being joined to continue knitting a blanket. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for those knots, but they make little difference to what has brought us together again.

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Filling the Sink with Water


Whenever I do the dishes, which is not altogether that often, I like to plug the one side of the sink. While I’m washing dishes, I let the water collect. Eventually, the water level gets high enough to spill over the little inset portion of the sink. Whenever that happens, I take a minute to enjoy the small waterfall.

Every time I do the dishes, I’m reminded of Sibbald Meadows Pond, in Kananaskis, where I learned how to fish. It’s a small catch basin pond that is stocked twice a year with rainbow trout. The water level of the pond is regulated by a short dam, feeding into Sibbald Creek.

My dad would take me there when I was a kid. When I got older, I started taking him there for days out.

I don’t go there very often anymore.

Whenever I do the dishes, though, I think about that waterfall.

Riel is Teaching Me About Work-Life Balance

It happens nearly every time I sit down at my desk to do some work. It won’t take five minutes for Riel to jump up on my desk, take a quick scan, and then lay down directly on top of whatever I’m working on. Even if I’m sitting on my recliner staring at my iPad or iPhone, Riel will jump up on the arm of the chair, sus out the situation, and then step on my crotch and start rubbing his cheeks on whatever device I’m working on. Continue reading “Riel is Teaching Me About Work-Life Balance”

Still Waters

I've been going through some old boxes, looking for my old journals. I came across this little ditty from 1998:

The peace and serenity of still waters

Calms my mind and sets me free

I have no more pain and am released of sorrow

My heart can cry and my soul can run free

The tears will never fall from my eyes

Because the strength needed to shed one tear

Only exists within my heart

This strength is powered by my love for you

If by chance a tear shall be shed through my eye

Because of deep sadness within my soul

The still waters will move

There's more. A lot more.


I was stood there for at least 35 minutes, staring at the range of choices available to me, unable to make a decision. Each choice I was given offered different options: scouring, non-abrasive, non-stick, heavy duty, pots and pans, etc. Often, it’s the easiest decisions that are the hardest to make. Continue reading “Sponges”