Letting Sh*t Go

I woke up with vomit on the duvet. It was over my feet so I knew that it wasn’t mine because I haven’t done yoga in nearly ten years. Riel had curled up in between my legs, slightly higher up on the bed than where he had emptied his stomach. It was only a few minutes after the moist duvet had interrupted my sleep that I noticed Riel trying to take a shit. After about thirty seconds of effort, he shrieked and I knew that he was constipated.

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I Have Poor Sleep Hygiene

21:27 May 9, 2019

I’m waiting in a windowless room. It’s a small room with a single bed, which has been nicely made with a blue comforter and white fitted and flat sheets. There is one pillow on the bed, in a pillowcase that has been bleached white. I’m sitting on the only chair in the room; it’s a chair that you would find in any waiting room. The cushion is also blue. There is a small black space heater next to the chair. It’s the type that looks like a fan, circular with false blades on the screen.

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Filling the Sink with Water


Whenever I do the dishes, which is not altogether that often, I like to plug the one side of the sink. While I’m washing dishes, I let the water collect. Eventually, the water level gets high enough to spill over the little inset portion of the sink. Whenever that happens, I take a minute to enjoy the small waterfall.

Every time I do the dishes, I’m reminded of Sibbald Meadows Pond, in Kananaskis, where I learned how to fish. It’s a small catch basin pond that is stocked twice a year with rainbow trout. The water level of the pond is regulated by a short dam, feeding into Sibbald Creek.

My dad would take me there when I was a kid. When I got older, I started taking him there for days out.

I don’t go there very often anymore.

Whenever I do the dishes, though, I think about that waterfall.

Day 14 of 30

Over the years, I’ve started many writing projects. I’ve completed none of them. There was a time when I wanted to write a novel, another when I wanted to put together a collection of short stories, and I’m constantly neglecting my journal. I’m not sure if this was all a wasted effort or if it’ll prove valuable in its own time. Continue reading “Day 14 of 30”

Day 5 of 30

One thing that has been on my mind a fair bit lately is the importance of good underwear. I have a good idea of which pairs of my underwear are good, alright, and on reserve. Not too long ago, I made a trip to Costco and picked up four new pairs of underwear. Since then, I’ve been wanting to cull the pairs that I’ve already worn. Continue reading “Day 5 of 30”