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Here are some links to websites, blogs, podcasts, etc., that I think are cool, useful, interesting, or just generally worth checking out.

Adventures in Dar es Salaam (blog): Read all about an internship with the Aga Khan University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As the year progresses (begins August 2013), it’ll be interesting to follow the growth and change of the intern.

Art on Stilettos (blog): I think this is an interesting project. A woman who loves fashion has put together a blog. It’s really simple, and totally indie, which is nice.

Ideas (podcast): This radio-documentary program is great if you feel like you haven’t thought seriously about anything in a while, or if you like thinking seriously about things all of the time.

JC Peters (blog): I think she’s a good writer. She has a nice, large portfolio, with a focus on yoga, health, and spirituality (from what I’ve read). The link here is to the writing section of her website, but be sure to browse. If you like what she writes, you’ll be entertained for a while.

Joseph B. (blog): Joe is a self-proclaimed Dynamic Canadian Sophisticate. But, he simply doesn’t fit into a box. He’s creative, to say the least, and brings some of that to the table with his blog. A good storyteller, his blog grows more intricate with each post.

The New Yorker: Fiction (podcast): You can listen to authors read short stories by other authors, and then talk about the story with the editor of The New Yorker: Fiction! Serious? Yes.

SonicRetreat (blog): It’s a music blog, by a guy who loves the music he loves. The remarks are pithy, gently setting up the scenario. The focus is really on the music. He just thinks that you, too, should think it’s a great tune.

Sweet Madeleine (blog): If you like reading about people’s lives, this is a great blog to follow. She’s a smart writer, with a little sass and a touch of humour. She’s got insight, and offers up helpful tips. Generally, it’s just a good read.

This American Life (podcast): This is a radio show that tells stories. Each week, people are asked to share their stories. Hosted by Ira Glass, the show remains entertaining and, strangely, informative.

Thousand-Long Words (blog): Mostly a photolog, the Omniarch captures moments of his life using a camera. He also writes or reposts prosaic pieces. He’s an interesting guy. I wonder what camera he uses.

Words In White Spaces (blog): Here is some indie poetry. I’ll be the first to admit that poetry is not my forte, but it’s nice to know that people write and read it. Plus, I may learn a thing or two, as I follow the growth of this burgeoning poet.

Writers and Company (podcast): This is one of my favourite radio programs out there. Eleanor Wachtel interviews authors. I mean, what could be better? (Don’t say Q.) She is a seasoned interviewer, with a great skill for leading a conversation. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast.

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