Health 2 Healthy

I’ve got two minutes to get this post out, because I’m in a rush to do too many things. Instead of getting right to the point, I thought I should take the time to mention the above.

My sister, lovely woman that she is, has started a new blog. She does this about once a year. This time, however, she’s committed to three years of blogging!

Her blog is about the life of a counsellor. I think that this is a really important exercise for her. Please let me encourage you to check it out and follow her, as she documents things. Admittedly, I have yet to peruse her newest online endeavour.

She’s smarter than me, so you’ll likely find more valuable information and insights on her blog than on mine.

The blog is called From Health to Healthy: The Life of a Counsellor.



I have friends. Some of my friends venture new projects. I like to support my friends when they do these things.

So, here, for you, is a new blog to follow: SonicRetreat. It’s about music — something I rarely write about. It’s only four posts deep, at the time of this writing, but I get the sense that the style of music that you’ll find on here is unique to buddy’s taste. He’s got decent taste, so don’t worry.

As yet, he hasn’t posted any reviews, as such. You’ll just find a quick blurb and a song. It’s a nice idea, and I’m excited to see where it goes. I think it’s strength lies in the fact that buddy just loves the music that he loves.

After checking it out, be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think.