I’ve Been Loving This Tune Lately

There’s something about country music that makes the sunshine feel like summer. Sometimes I feel stuck in the city, often wishing I could just drive away into the prairies, chasing highway mirages.

Sitting on the beach in Mexico feels like it was too long ago. Hopefully I’ll get some good park-sits in this summer.

P.S. SonicRetreat is no more, so I’m going to try to pick up some of the slack. The music selection will be decidedly different.

Pret a Preter | Clothing Library & Styling Service

After finishing the day’s letter writing practice, I decided to check Facebook. So, instead of telling you about how I drew the best “7” that I can remember drawing, or about the details on how I’d like each letter and number to look, I’ll do some unsolicited soliciting. (I don’t do much in the way of solicited soliciting, but I’m willing to change.) Continue reading “Pret a Preter | Clothing Library & Styling Service”