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December 23, 2013

I didn't know how to tie this know six months ago.
I didn’t know how to tie this knot six months ago.

I used to blog under my real name, but I’m not a terribly interesting person. So, I’ve started this blog, under a pseudonym. I’m all about character development, and against self-improvement.

As of today, I live in a small town in Ontario, and go to school during the day. I’m originally from a bigger town – Calgary – but it really isn’t for me. I travel to Toronto fairly regularly, to visit friends and see people in the streets. I also enjoy sitting in an empty pub, in a big city, by myself.

I’ve tried online-dating, but have met with little success. I’m hoping that becoming a famous blogger/author will bring the woman I need into my life. She’ll already know that I’ll likely write about her, and our exploits together. I promise to make them interesting stories, despite how boring or mundane they may be while I’m experiencing said experiences. Who knows? they could be great, interesting experiences, too!

My blog is really about me. I’ve never before considered myself a narcissist, but these are the things that one learns about oneself when one writes about oneself. I like to share the stories that animate my life. I also like reading other peoples’ stories. But, really, I really like sharing the stories that animate my life. I’m not very secretive.

Please feel free to comment on any post or write to me. I’m always looking for conversations to engage in, and new things to write about.

I encourage you to subscribe to this blog (look in the top right corner), and share it with all of your friends. You’ll receive exciting emails, containing a link to interesting stories, all while helping a single, idiosyncratic guy meet his match. Be your favourites aunt’s nemesis, for me.

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