Automating my Life

It started back in November. I wanted a book on how to fold paper airplanes. I needed it soon because I was starting a unit on flight in a few days and needed a solid introduction. A quick walk through the Indigo near my place didn’t have what I was looking for, but I found what I wanted while sitting on one of the chairs in the store…on Amazon.

When I got home that night, I realized that I didn’t have any wet food for Riel but I wasn’t in the mood to leave the house. I also needed some printer paper and face wash. Amazon had it all.

I ordered what I wanted and signed up for a Prime account. I figured that if I didn’t use it during the month-long free trial, I’d just cancel the subscription.

I’ve fallen in love with Amazon Prime.

Shit I order just shows up at my door two days later, the next day, or by 9 pm on the same day. The longest I’ve had to wait was for about a month to get some ink for my new fountain pen. It was shipped from Japan. It was worth the wait.

Since then, I’ve ordered ink online from Epson to refill my wireless printer, underwear from Costco, a wireless charging station for my iPhone because plugging it at night was becoming arduous, and, just this morning, I ordered a replacement battery for my Roomba iRobot vacuum. It arrived at ~8:30 pm this evening and is now charging before it’s first scheduled run tomorrow at noon. I have new clothing on the way from stores I’ve never shopped at because my girlfriend has a better fashion sense than I do. Two hours before the battery arrived, my new snow pants did. Tomorrow, I have Shoe Goo coming in so that I can fix a pair of shoes.

Automation. It’d be fair to say that I’ve become slightly enamoured with automation.

I used Siri to calculate the square root of 875 during class today.

I’m in the midst of writing report cards right now and I dictated my comments to the computer which then did its best to transcribe my ramblings. While the editing will be cumbersome, the draft is done. I’m, like, 75% done.

I was able to sit down and read for about 45 minutes tonight because I didn’t have to go out to get anything. I was able to get some of the busywork of running my personal life done before I even showered this morning.

While doing the dishes tonight, I couldn’t help but laugh. I’ll be less jovial when I take my clothes to the laundromat in the basement of my building tomorrow.

I’m only now realizing the irony of having typed up this post.

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