I kneed a sleeping baby in the face

While getting off a packed bus, I stepped over a stroller and as my right knee was coming over, it hit the baby sleeping inside on the left cheek. I blurted out, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” as I, without thinking, as if instinctually, reached down and gently stroked the child’s cheek. Maybe I was trying to wipe the pain away, or maybe it was my guilt. My right knee still feels strange, like it’s covered by an itch I can’t scratch. The baby didn’t even wake up.

Riel is Teaching Me About Work-Life Balance

It happens nearly every time I sit down at my desk to do some work. It won’t take five minutes for Riel to jump up on my desk, take a quick scan, and then lay down directly on top of whatever I’m working on. Even if I’m sitting on my recliner staring at my iPad or iPhone, Riel will jump up on the arm of the chair, sus out the situation, and then step on my crotch and start rubbing his cheeks on whatever device I’m working on. Continue reading “Riel is Teaching Me About Work-Life Balance”