A Healthy Social Life Alone?

It hit me last night when I caught myself looking at pictures of ex-girlfriends. As if remembering the tragedy of failed relationships will somehow bring my current outlook on life into sharper focus, I turn to the photos of smiling women who I once thought of spending my future with. Maybe it’s the memory of a time when I thought I had it sorted out that brings me solace. Continue reading “A Healthy Social Life Alone?”

Cigarettes and Leather Jackets

Other than wearing a stylish leather jacket since junior high, smoking is probably the coolest looking thing that I’ve ever done. Smoking, unlike leather jackets, is terrible for your health. It’s hard to compare the two – leather jackets and cigarettes – but I can unequivocally state that smoking cigarettes is far worse for your health than wearing leather jackets. Continue reading “Cigarettes and Leather Jackets”