Fly Fishing and Photography

Coming back to Calgary is always good, in a sense, as it provides some sort of “check-in” for me. Looking through my stuff and thinking about things I’ve forgotten about, passively or actively, gives me a chance to reflect a bit. Last night, I ended up at a cafe that I rarely go to, just to change things up, and, there, it dawned on me that I’ve done very little this last week, even though I was expecting to do a lot. Continue reading “Fly Fishing and Photography”

The First Few Days of My Visit to Calgary

I was born and raised in Calgary. I used to know the streets like the back of my hand, with a mitten on. I was able to get things done in the city, because I knew how it worked.

Not a lot has changed, but it’s different enough now. It doesn’t really feel like the same city, but, then, I don’t really feel like the same guy who left.

We’re coming up on four years that I’ve been away. When I’m in Toronto, I’m from Calgary; when I’m in Calgary, I live in Toronto. I haven’t been away long enough to belong to just one city. I guess, that’s just a matter of time.

I haven’t seen any of my friends yet. I came in on Christmas Eve, dropped my parents off at a family gathering, drove myself home, ordered a pizza, ate some pizza with my sister, then we picked my parents up. I saw some of my extended family for about 15 minutes. When we got home, we sat around and chatted for a couple of hours. It was kind of nice.

Christmas Day is rather boring. Everything is closed, except for what’s open. There’s not much to do, unless you have something to do.

Today, Boxing Day, my sister and I drove to a mall, then drove passed it when we saw how busy the parking lot was. We then went to a SportChek closer to my folks’ place, but my sister didn’t find any sneakers and I just sat on a bench. I was able to plan some get-togethers today, so it was productive.

This evening, my sister and I made a trip to Higher Ground for a tea (me) and a hot cider (her). While waiting in line, we both remarked on how the atmosphere of the place hasn’t changed, only the people. Our drinks felt hotter than we remembered them ever being.

For the last few months, I’ve been compiling a list of things that I want to bring back with me. Other than that, there are two pictures of the city that I want to take. I’m really just visiting Calgary for a few days.

Some Things Can’t be Painted and Made Pretty

I saw a photo of a woman’s left hand on Instagram the other day. It looked like she was sitting on a couch, with her legs crossed when she took the photo. It’s as if she were in a moment of quiet reflection – inspired, no doubt, by the noxious fumes emanating from a 15mL, or some such similarly small amount, bottle of nail varnish – which culminated in the vain realization that her fingertips were enlivened by a dark red that appears almost black in certain light, much like a red rose of rich hue. Continue reading “Some Things Can’t be Painted and Made Pretty”