So, I’ve been trying to find ways to make my iPad useful. I really want it to become a productivity tool. So, this post is an image of the post I wrote tonight.

(The handwriting recognition was terrible, so I’m attaching an image of my handwriting instead, despite the introductory paragraph.)

I hope you can read it. I printed. I don’t like printing. I much prefer writing in cursive. I’m in much discontent with the discontinuation of the teaching of handwriting, in all its variation, in the new and emerging curriculums. I working on a post about my thoughts on this subject, but it causes a fire in my chest that rages in my head and I find it hard to clear through the brush to make sense of it all.

Anyway, here is what you came looking for:

memoryLane - 1

memoryLane - 2 memoryLane - 3 memoryLane - 4

Here’s the link that didn’t make it:

Do y’all have memories that just, kind of, won’t leave you? What do you do about it? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on this.