Weighty Indecision

I’m gaining some weight around my waist, making my pants a little tighter than they used to be. I went to a gym yesterday, a new one just down the street from where I live. I walked in, and chatted with the receptionist, asking her what services the gym offers. We talked about the pricing guide, and she showed me a chart with white numbers on a red background. I took a business card and left because I had laundry waiting.

Today, I went looking for a pair of pants at a store not too far away from me. I browsed through the racks, before trying on a couple of pairs. In the fitting room, I took off the pants I wore to the store, and put the first pair on before taking them off and putting the second pair on. I returned both pairs to the lady standing guard at the entrance to the fitting room, along with the orange tag labeled “2”.

When I got back from the clothing store, I decided that I was too lazy to cook, so I walked down the street to a cluster of fast food joints around the corner from where I live. I stood outside the Thai place but didn’t see anything I liked on the menu. I walked a couple of doors down, and considered if there is anything that I like at Tim Hortons. I continued walking, past a guy whose request for spare change I denied, toward the Subway. The promotion they were running was only for a 6 inch sub, and that’s not really enough. Across the street from the Subway is a Pizza Pizza. Once the traffic had died down, I crossed the street and bought a burger at a new place, next door to Pizza Pizza, called Fat Phil’s.


Emma Watson, the UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, is at the forefront of a new campaign, HeForShe. It’s not unique for celebrities to take up a cause, attaching their name and peculiar brand of fame to it. This one, for me at least, is important.

To say that I’m actively involved in the issues of gender inequality would be anachronistic. There remains a latent passion in me for the issue, and I’m glad to see that HeForShe has come about. I studied Women’s Studies, a number of years ago, because of many of the same impulses that Ms. Watson outlines in the video below.

For now, the campaign seems to be one in search of solidarity. I hope that over the coming months the campaign will transform into something more actionable than a truly admirable ideal that should already be a reality. Even if it doesn’t, we¬†should all already be doing everything we can toward the achievement of gender equality.


UN Press Release

Video of Ms. Watson’s address at the UN: