Pride for Other People

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while now, thinking that I really shouldn’t post it. Not because there is anything inherently wrong in doing so, but I’ve just got this feeling that, perhaps, it isn’t a good idea. You know that feeling? The gears of my thoughts just kind of clink together, instead of coming together smoothly.

What the hell? I’ll share with you some thoughts about having pride for other people.

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Sam Smith – A Musician

I don’t often promote musicians, but what the hell? I haven’t had much to write about lately, and this guy’s pretty good.

I first heard of Sam Smith when I discovered “Latch” by Disclosure. I recently learned that he has a new album coming out, and the four tracks that iTunes let me download are quite good. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

To me, it’s clear that he’s a new artist. He has a strong voice and his lyrics are uncomplicated. This isn’t a bad thing because the stories told are relatable. It’ll be nice to follow along as he grows as an artist.

(There’s good reason why I never became a music reviewer.)

Also, I recently discover SoundCloud. You’re probably already well aware of it, but it’s new to me. It’s kinda neat. Here’s Sam Smith’s SoundCloud playlist/stream:

FREE Pictures

Hey, yeah, so, these here pictures have been sitting around for far too long. If anyone wants them, they’re yours. Otherwise, I’ll probably just toss them in the bin. Please don’t let them get tossed in the bin.

sealinkYarder01 blueStairs01

An Interesting Dilemma About Writing

My life is full of interesting dilemmas. They’re only interesting because I make them so. I mean, in any real world, with real problems, and real solutions, my dilemmas needn’t exist. But, since I have some a lot of time on my hands, I spend a lot of time conjuring up stories to make my concerns meaningful somehow.

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I have friends. Some of my friends venture new projects. I like to support my friends when they do these things.

So, here, for you, is a new blog to follow: SonicRetreat. It’s about music — something I rarely write about. It’s only four posts deep, at the time of this writing, but I get the sense that the style of music that you’ll find on here is unique to buddy’s taste. He’s got decent taste, so don’t worry.

As yet, he hasn’t posted any reviews, as such. You’ll just find a quick blurb and a song. It’s a nice idea, and I’m excited to see where it goes. I think it’s strength lies in the fact that buddy just loves the music that he loves.

After checking it out, be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think.


The Personal Intimacy of a Bubble Bath

I took a bubble bath two weeks ago. After a couple of months of waiting, I finally decided to take the plunge, as it were. The bottle of bubble bath lotion/solution/cream/stuff sat near the kitchen sink for nearly two months, before I realized that it wasn’t, in fact, dish soap. The bottle looks surprisingly similar to blue dish soap. Knowing this, you can imagine how much of the rest of my life is in a bit of a disarray.

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I Didn’t Send My Mother a Card or Flowers

It’s a tragedy, really, if my sister hadn’t posted a photo on Instagram, I wouldn’t have even known that it was Mothers’ Day. I love my mother, but I never send her a card or flowers on Mothers’ Day. I never send her anything more than a kind salutation over the phone. I should break this tradition.

In any case, years ago, my friends and I went to a Boyz II Men concert during the Calgary Stampede – yes, the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede hosted a ’90s-era R&B group. I had a great time, singing and dancing, while everybody else there just kind of looked at me, in awe of my ability to sing every bloody word to every song, while dancing like a complete idiot.

They played this song:

I’ve since forgotten most of the lyrics.